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Worried about your kids handwriting? Here you with go some simple tricks to improve your kids handwriting:

  • Ensure Practicing is Fun: Offer your child a different pencil or crayons or colored pencil that make your kids happy. Try simple words, simple sentences, puzzles etc.
  • Encourage Drawing Games: Handwriting is impacted by many ways — holding a pencil correctly, posture, control, dexterity, coordination. The more time your child spends in writing letter or drawing, it further helps your child to develop better writing skills.
  • Writing in the Air : Encourage your child to practice writing letters, numbers, words etc. in the air. This improves hand movements.
  • Don’t hesitate to point the mistake: Mistakes could be in letter formations, size, spaces between words, and alignment. Focus on one problem at a time and then move on to the next correction.
  • Pencil Grip : Let your child try different pencils to discover what suits him/her the best. Larger pencils may be hard to grasp. Use a smaller pencil or marker to practice hand writing. Using a good grip can improve handwriting as well as reduce fatigue. 
  • Handwriting Aids: Handwriting aids are tools available to help children learn how to grasp a pencil correctly. Choose the handwriting aid which works best for your kid.
  • Handwriting Tools: Try different tools which can improve your kid’s handwriting. Such as Dry erase board, Plastic wipe off sheets, Raised line paper, Tracing paper, Alphabet book, Erasers, Different colored pencils, Bright colored notebooks.
  • Frequent Breaks: Allow your child to take breaks to ease of tiredness, stress and distraction. 
  • Motivate your child: Keep your child motivated at all times to encourage him to practice more and more. As parents you know what your child likes doing the most!
  • Reasonable Expectations: As parent remember to have reasonable expectations based on age. Handwriting differs by age so it’s a continuous improvement process.


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How to improve handwriting skills in kids?

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