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Should we allow kids to ask questions?

Gone are our days when we were not allowed to ask questions. Now times have changed and parents are expected to answer their kids !!!

Most of the questions kids ask are “Why?” Why is the sky blue? Why are there clouds? Why can’t I go outside? Why do I have be to smart? Why do I go to school? And the end result from parents after getting frustrated is “Because I say so”.

I think parents feel frustrated for two reasons. One they don’t know the real answers to the innocent questions kids ask. Second even when parents do answer it doesn’t stop kids from asking more questions.

In schools as well kids are awarded to answer and not questions. Kids who ask too many questions are considered to be trouble makers at school. That’s the reason kids get into the habit of asking less and less questions as they grow up. This is one of the reason kids creativity drops after certain age. The probability of observing crazy things or things which are different reduces after a while. Studies show that preschool kids ask an average of 100 questions a day and by middle school they stop asking questions. Why do they stop asking questions? They don’t want to ask or they are disinterested?

Do you know what the role of asking questions is? Try to see the world through your child’s eyes. Try to remember how puzzled you were when you saw and experienced new things, and how you needed someone to explain what was going on. By answering questions, you’re showing your child respect. By keeping the dialogue open, you’re telling your kids that you value their ideas and thoughts. So encourage your child to ask questions. It will help him. It is good to convey to your kid that the question is sometimes more important than the answer.

Don’t stops kids curiosity by telling them not to ask questions. Some parents feel that kids either ask questions due to curiosity or behavioral issue?

Some kids ask same questions multiple times? And some ask “Why?” and “How” for everything that’s explained to them. Every response has a follow up question. It’s a desire to learn and it should be nurtured without parents getting irritated about it. Asking questions is the best way to learn. It’s a well-known saying “He who asks question is a fool for 5 minutes, He who does not ask question remains fool forever”.

There are multiple ways to handle kid’s curious questions:

Let kids answer their own questions: So that kids can try to figure out answers on their own. They can expand their horizon by creatively thinking more and getting different perspectives.

Change in parent’s attitude: Parents should stop feeling annoyed but instead support asking questions and consider their kids as special “curiosity “kids and they have hunger for learning. It will only help parents to build their patience !!

Postpone answering a question: Sometimes it’s good to post pone answering a question if you don’t know the answer. For example, when Caren asked why vitamins are good for her, as a parent you could answer, “That’s a great question. I don’t know exactly why. We can look up the answer together later.”

If your kid is asking questions for reasons other than curiosity try to find out the reason: If a child does it for seeking attention, make sure that your child is getting your undivided attention and teach him other ways of getting attention, such as by spending time with your kid etc.

Seek professional help if required if you feel your kids asking question seems related to emotional difficulties or problems with self-esteem, as a parent you may want to consider seeking help from a psychologist.

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Why do kids ask so many questions?

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