Recently I fractured my hand, leaving me functionally single-handed for a time. The bad news is I’m right-handed and I was left with only my left hand. I soon learned that my two hands may look the same, but the left one does not behave as well as the other. I struggled. I looked ridiculous brushing my teeth with my odd hand, trying to start my car, how to turn that key? and eating food was nearly impossible. My left hand was such a slack, it seems it was left out when it came to coordination.

Regardless of which hand you prefer, the hands are hooked up to the opposite side of your brain. So my right hand is connected to my left brain—the side responsible for language, judgment and intellect. But left side is connected to my right brain, the source of creativity, perception and empathy.

This means that since our hands are connected to our brains, we can stimulate our brains by stimulating our hands. Guess this also explains an article I was reading the other day on “Knitting and crocheting that requires both hands enhances learning in children”. Here is how –download

Increases Creativity

Because brain mapping shows that creativity is housed in the right hemisphere of our brains, experts say we can stimulate this right brain through working with our left hand. This also works other way around that is for those that are left handed.

A research has suggested that regardless of which hand we favor, doing activities like embroidery, which also utilizes the non-dominant left hand, gives greater access to the right hemispheric functions like feeling, intuition, creativity, and inner wisdom and spirituality. “When a dialog occurs between the left and right hemispheres of the brain, both emotions and thoughts are more fully expressed and understood”.

The Brain Benefits

Apart from enhancing creativity, using the other hand helps the brain to better integrate its two hemispheres, experts say. “There is research that musicians who use both hands have about a 9 percent increase in the size of their corpus callosum ,the part of the brain that connects the two hemispheres, so certainly using both hands creates more transfer “One could argue that this increase in exchange between the hemispheres could benefit intelligence or processing” .unnamed

Hence, there are benefits in using both hands in learning and a connection exists between using both hands and learning ability. For instance, Girls are stronger in math until about age 11. Then boys become stronger Why? It could be because boys continue to say yes to complex kinds of movement such as building and construction that utilize both hands and develop that coordination, where girls shy from this as they get older.

So, enroll your child for such activities as , learning music instrument or pottery or a handcraft like thread craft/ embroidery  !


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Using both hands for an activity, enhances your child’s brain!

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One thought on “Using both hands for an activity, enhances your child’s brain!

  1. We strongly agree with this blog. Visual learning involves hands and helps learn things better.
    That’s what happens when kids learn mental arithmetic i .e. using Abacus.

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