Let your kid’s gets dirty!! The dirtier the better!!

As a kid I was always attracted to mud. The best of my memories are playing with mud and sand. Using creativity in building new shapes and formations using sand, getting dirty with mud all over me covering from head to toe, holding mud in hands and thinking of ways to hide from mom & dad, making others dirty and playing in mud all day.

It gives an immense satisfaction and utmost happiness. Wonder what the reason behind this unknown happiness is?

As parents we would always ask kids not to be dirty because of cleanliness factors, but I feel it’s good to sometimes let go your kid. Playing in the mud is not only fun but also good for kids as well.  I have been researching mud play, and have uncovered some surprising facts and interesting statistics related to why kids need to get their hands dirty.

Studies show that mud play has many physical, psychological and emotional benefits for children. Researches have proven that exposure to friendly soil bacteria (Mycobacterium Vaccae) stimulates the immune system which causes brain to release serotonin, the endorphin used to regulate mood. This proves why kids feel so happy playing in mud!!!!

In addition this also helps reduce a child’s vulnerability to depression. Kids can also deal with anxiety and stress though mud play. Recent studies show that children who spend a lot of time of their day playing indoors (rather than outside in the dirt and sunshine), in the company of technology, have an increased risk of obesity, vitamin D deficiency, depression and also attention deficit disorder.

Mud reduces allergies and asthma symptoms as it strengthens immune system. Research has shown that early exposure to naturally occurring microbes in soil helps build stronger and disease-resistant kids. Increases creativity as kids believe they can do new things with mud and invent new games. This helps brain development by not only exercising but also building ability to form new ideas, think critically and solves problems. Your kids can come up with some of the most innovative ideas!!

Mud play helps kids develop motor skills, sensory awareness, balance and coordination.  It also creates opportunities to practice social skills and make more friends. Mud play creates childhood memories. Unforgettable memories of playing outdoor which has positive impact towards kid’s understanding of outdoor play for entire life. Kids will grow up with the strong ideas of playing outdoor which can help in being active.

During Mud play kids are braving with mud, challenging themselves and expanding their experiences. This strengthens their values and attitudes toward adventure, and develops important skills that can be carried through to adulthood.

Mud play helps kids build strong connection with nature. It’s Fun and kids laugh more than usual!!!

Encourage your kids to get dirty, get off the indoor activities, and dirty your hands in mud. You might have some extra washing and cleaning, but your kids are going to love it!

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How playing in mud helps kids growth ?

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