Marks are now transformed to Grading system. But does that mean you can judge a child’s future by his marks or so called grades. Is that the only way to find out your child’s capabilities? Is this going to be the only deciding factor what profession he/she chooses to take up.

Marks or grades have long troubled kids and has been the biggest reason for stress. In the run of getting good marks, kids have always compromised on learning. In our education system, marks and grades are mostly attained by student who have good capabilities to memorize and write the same in exams and forget in next few years. Well!!! There are students who have received great marks and are doing great in their careers. But we are not talking about those children here. We are talking about those who didn’t get good marks but are extremely successful in life or are doing well for himself.

Every parent wants to boast about their kid “A grade”, “95% “, “Topper of the class”, “Topper of the school” and so on. Parents do want to know their kid’s performance in school, understanding in a subject, likes and dislikes in a subject and their year on year progress in every subject. Does grade gives the ability for parents to determine everything about their kid that they need to know? Not really.

As a kid I remember always getting good marks and my parents would give me gifts or sweets or some sort of praise to keep me motivated to study even harder and break my own records. In my class there used to be some very mischievous kids troubling everyone , some not studying at all, some not focused in studies , some focused in sports , some focused in art and craft , some focused in painting and some focused more on gaining practical knowledge than theoretical and some focused in anything but studies. I always wondered what they would do in life. Now when I look back, I must say that my friends who focused on learning not only subjects but other activities are doing very well in life. They have proved that marks is not the only judging parameter.

More than marks, focus should be on learning, thinking and gaining more and more knowledge. Every child has some areas which he would find more interesting than other. Our main aim should be to let them study subjects that they feel more interesting and can relate more in practical sense rather than just theoretical.

You can never compare a kid with another, every kid is different from another and judging based on one parameter: same set of subjects and questions will be unfair. There is a famous saying “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

Now this doesn’t mean that kids stop studying and pursue only other activities. Education plays a very vital role in our life. Imagine life without education. A person without education is as good as a hollow man as he may have no substance. Some kids just want to run away from studying, parents should think of innovative ways to make their kids study and make them understand the concepts rather than studying just for exams. Grades / Marks has its own place which cannot be denied.

Encourage your kids to develop talent, build skills, increase performance and gain knowledge and your kid will go a long way.

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Do grades matter? Why marks shouldn’t be the only way to judge your child’s capabilities?

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