So much knowledge exists out there. Knowledge based on history, research and development, wisdom, and years of education. Knowledge intended to heal. However, since the healers came from various backgrounds and different schools of thought, the knowledge was often limited within their circles.

Patients today, despite all the existing knowledge and ease of access to information are often victim to long term ill health. They rarely know, what form of medicine might be best suited for them. Often, they are stuck in a circle of medications, therapies and treatments that are giving them sub-par relief.

Today, we have mind blowing technology, and amazing communication abilities to work together and find the right solution to our health problems. Each form of medicine has a “best” we could leverage to our benefit, thereby taking stride in the wonderful world of integrated medicine. Take advantage of all the good from various modalities, minimize side effects, use more effective medications and use therapies that have a long term goal. We can have doctors from various fields work together, to make the whole more than the sum of the parts.

Let’s discuss a young girl diagnosed with asthma. Did you know, some asthma cases can be ‘cured’ and go under long term remission with homeopathy? However, homeopathy treatments can sometimes be long term, and allopathy serves well as an SOS medication, in addition to controlling incidences. Ayurveda can help with detoxification and improving immunity to reduce frequency and intensity of attacks while the long treatment is in progress.

The key is, when working together, doctors can help out in various ways and capacities, to ultimately take the patient to good health and keep them there.

Syncremedies is a medical consultation service that provides an integrated, collaborative approach to health care. It is an effective and neat interplay of the wisdom of ancient ayurveda, the constitutional approach of homeopathic medications and all the cutting edge progress of modern medicine. Our doctors collaborate, converse and come up with a treatment plan that is comprehensive and personalized for patient’s ailment.

The treatment plan takes into account the best of allopathy, homeopathy and Ayurveda for your case. This does not mean a patient will get a “combination” of all 3 forms of medicine, but “integration” means providing the patient with the “most effective” course of treatment, whatever that might be. The doctors evaluate the medications previously tried and currently used before formulating a comprehensive treatment plan. Medications and treatments with the most efficacy, with minimal side effects and most long term benefits are considered. Lifestyle considerations, diet, stress management techniques, meditation, yoga and exercise regimens are suggested as appropriate.

In short, a Syncremedies treatment plan provides one with the best chance at successfully treating the disease and managing the health of mind and body.

Syncremedies is also keen on promoting ‘wellness’, which is not merely the absence of disease, but maximising potential of both mind and body.

It is a one of a kind service filling a need that was thus far left unaddressed. Collaboration and communication among doctors across modalities for the betterment of health.

Syncremedies, your path to better health!!

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Synchronized remedies – Your path to better health

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