Busier the parents are today, the more conscious they are of how to raise their kids. Parents are continuously looking to engage their kids in meaningful and fun activities at home.  Here is where the idea for “Monthly subscription box” for kids originated .The idea of a monthly subscription box originated in US from a website called Kiwi Crates. The basic premise is to send a box full of activities to child every month. Every month there is a new interesting theme, filled with fresh activities and books is delivered to your door step. The box contains all materials and instructions needed to complete the activities.

With busy lives and a desire to give the best to our child, these boxes give parents a way to spend quality time with their child in a meaningful, fun and non-computer/iPad/TV activity without having to spend the time in researching for ideas and shopping for the relevant material. After opening the box, the child gets occupied in carrying out the activity and in the process gains awareness and develops skills. All the while, the child would be having fun too! Many of the activities can be done jointly by parents and children, which helps in parent-child bonding. Where the activity has be undertaken solely by the child, parents can still watch and cheer-on while the child carries out the project.

Designed by early child development experts, activity developers and experiential learning leaders, these “activity boxes” have careful selection of contents that cover numerous development areas including fine motor, cognitive and gross motor, creativity, exploration, language, and social skills.

These activity boxes help kids in –

Curated Creativity:

It has both left as well as right brained activities. Every box has a treasure trove of knowledge. It also encourages creative thinking in a child. Logic & imagination coming together in the right balance.

Time away from TV:

No more struggles to keep your child away from TV or gadgets while preparing dinner or quickly finishing up an office file.

Habit of Learning:

Freshly themed box reaches your doorstep every month. Your child gets into the habit of exploring various elements, month on month. Learning, becomes a habit. A conscious habit.

Confidence & Independence:

A part of what’s inside the box requires the child to do it all alone. Without seeking help from any adult. This builds confidence. It gives hope to the child to work in silo, alone. All by themselves.

Some of the activity boxes available in India are –


Flintobox IN

Flintobox is a theme-based monthly activity box for 2-12 years old, designed to engage children in a meaningful way at home.

Crafty Chimp is a unique website which offers a monthly subscription of hands on art, craft and fun activities for kids aged 6 to 10.

Small Brown Box was one of the in initial offerings in monthly subscription box space. Their box contains Arts and craft, science, exploration and imaginative play cover key development areas for kids aged 3-7.

Mom-Dom is a do-it-yourself activity box designed around values we really want to teach our kids!

Their focus is on imbibing values in Kids from 3-8 years of age. The components of the box – Build, Discover, Tell a tale, Connect to your roots and Affirm help kids understand values in an engaging and fun manner.

Cocomoco Kids

Cocomoco Kids offers Travel, Geography and Science games to encourage little explorers get curious about the world. Their focus is on learning about a new country in a fun way for the age group 3 – 12 years.


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Kids activity box subscription: Engage kids in meaningful fun activities at home!

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